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                                                        g  "Geology of Multi-Ring Impact Basins"


                                                         o   " The Once and Future Moon" 


                                                      c  "The Clementine Atlas of the Moon"


                                                      m  "Moonwake"  (Click here to download PDF)


                                                    b "Blogging the Moon: The Once and Future Moon Collection"

                                                    b "The Value of the Moon"



Critical documents on the Vision for Space Exploration:


A Renewed Spirit of Discovery – President George W. Bush

The original Vision for Space Exploration document.  Clearly stated and beautifully expressed; don’t ask me why some people can’t understand it.


A Journey to Inspire, Innovate, and Discover (PDF; 1.3 Mb)

The June 2004 report of the President's Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy, otherwise known as the Aldridge Commission.


Whispers in the Echo Chamber – Dwayne Day

Nicely dissects the media myth of the Vision being a “Trillion dollar Mars mission.”  (Hint: it’s neither a trillion dollars nor simply a Mars mission)


Space Vision Misunderestimated – Charles Rousseaux

The first media piece I found to actually “get it” (i.e., what the Vision for Space Exploration is all about).


Keynote Speech at Goddard Memorial Symposium by John Marburger, Science Advisor to the President, March 2006

For those who didn’t get it (in the media and elsewhere), the Presidential Science Advisor explains it clearly and succinctly.


Some Thoughts Regarding Presidential Science Advisor John Marburger's Speech on Space Exploration and Utilization – Dennis Wingo

Nice exegesis of Marburger’s speech (see above) by an active space engineer.


Going Beyond the Status Quo in Space - Dennis Wingo, Paul Spudis, Gordon Woodcock

Our attempt to re-boot the Vision on the basis of its original mission, learning to use lunar resources to create new space capabilites.


Objectives before architectures - Strategies before tactics -  Paul Spudis

My attempt to articulate the real problem with NASA's implementation of the Vision (hint: it's the MISSION!)


The Klaus Heiss Files - Klaus P. Heiss

Documents and reports on lunar return and settlement


Web sites and Blogs that I like to visit:


Moon 101 - A Course in Lunar Science and Exploration  Paul Spudis et al.

A course of lectures on the geology, environment, and exploration of the Moon.  This link is on this web site and includes slide packages for each lecture.  To watch videos of each talk, click HERE.


Apollo Lunar Surface Journal – Eric Jones

The definitive web site that documents the Apollo voyages of lunar exploration.  Transcripts, images, videos, audios, and hundreds of other goodies.  To call it simply glorious is to damn it with faint praise.  It merits many hours of your web exploration time.


Apollo Image Gallery – Kipp Teague

The site I always go to when I need a specific digital picture from one of the Apollo missions.  A wonderful web asset.


The Project Apollo Archive – Kipp Teague

The larger site of which the Apollo Image Gallery is a part.


Space Exploration Resources -- Mark Robinson

Great site of an active lunar scientist containing Don Wilhelms' out-of-print classic "Geologic History of the Moon", the Howard Wilshire lunar rock thin section slide collection, and many other important lunar resources.  The author is also the PI on the imaging system to be flown on the upcoming (2008) Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission.


Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston TX

A resource center for the planetary science community and the public.  The specific sub-areas linked below are relevant to lunar exploration

Lunar Atlases on-line

Telescopic and spacecraft collections of lunar images and maps.  A treasure chest of great data.


Exploring the Moon

A general, tutorial site for students and the public on what we learned about the Moon from each mission and mission series.


Gateway to the Moon

An index page leading the surfer to a variety of lunar data at the LPI web site.


Documents and Publications

A collection of historical documents, covering over 40 years, that outline plans, rationales, and strategies for exploring the Moon.  An essential reference collection.


Don Davis – Space Artist

One of my favorite space artists and one of the best at rendering the difficult and hard-to-accurately portray Moon.


Pat Rawlings – Space Artist

A superb space artist, specializing in depictions of future lunar exploration activities.


Key Documents in the History of Space Policy -- NASA

Archive of key historical documents, including those relevant to Apollo and subsequent lunar exploration.


Lunar Photo of the Day  -- Charles Wood

A great site that puts up a new image of the Moon every day, some spectacular.


Out of the Cradle -- Rob Wilson and Mark Trulson

General space news site and blog.


Curmudgeon's Corner -- Mark Whittington

A blog about space, lunar return, and more.



News site for all aspects of space.


The Space Show

Internet and syndicated radio show, featuring detailed dialogues with various space personalities, including your humble web host.



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