By Anne and Paul Spudis


Moonwake: The Lunar Frontier is a novel for young adults.  For Mike, Toni, Laura and Jason, adjusting to life on another planet is dangerous and exciting. Moonwake is a fictional base on the Moon but what they encounter there is very real. Mike quickly learns that living on the Moon is anything but ordinary and boring. His mechanical skill presents opportunity but also danger for himself and his friends. Toni, a long time lunar resident, has her life turned upside down when Mike, Laura and Jason come to Moonwake. The small lunar colony quickly realizes it must deal with the excitement and life-threatening adventures of these teenage Moon explorers. Whether trapped in a lava tube, riding out a radiation storm, or falling from a decaying orbit, the friends hold together to survive this new world. (19 Chapters/131 pages)

Moonwake: The Lunar Frontier  Complete Novel (PDF; 4.8 Mb)  


Bonus: Chapter 20 (Moonwake The Lunar Frontier)   Internet published Chapter 20 bridges The Lunar Frontier book to the sequel book, The Journey Home.  After a rocky goodbye, friends that shared adventure on the Moon separate until their planned reunion on Earth.  (1 Chapter/pages 132-134)

Moonwake: The Lunar Frontier -- Bonus Chapter! (PDF; 90 Kb)


Moonwake: The Journey Home   In the sequel, Mike returns to Earth. Moon and Earth friends travel together, along with some unexpected companions.  Adjusting to Earth is extremely challenging for one of them.  During their school break vacation, Mike and his friends discover where and what “home” means.  Romance is in the air as they grow and understand more about themselves and each other.   Who remains on Earth?  Who journeys home to the Moon and beyond? (10 Chapters/47 pages)

Moonwake: The Journey Home  Complete Novel (PDF; 380 Kb)


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