Moon 101 - A Course in Lunar Science for non-specialists

Presentation materials for a course of lectures at NASA Johnson Space Center

June-October, 2008

New!!: Videotaped lectures available at this link


        Introduction to the Moon (Dr. Paul Spudis, June 4, 2008; PDF 7.6 Mb)

        Environment  (Dr. Wendell Mendell, June 18, 2008; PDF 7.6 Mb)

        Physiography and Geology (Dr. Paul Spudis, July 2, 2008; PDF 8 Mb)

        Surface  (Dr. Jeffrey Plescia, July 16, 2008. PDF 12.6 Mb)

        Crust  (Dr. Gary Lofgren, July 30, 2008; PDF 8.3 Mb)

        Interior  (Dr. Jeffrey Plescia, August 13, 2008; PDF 9.8 Mb)

        Poles  (Dr. Ben Bussey, August 27, 2008; PDF 7.1 Mb)

        The Apollo Experience  (Dr. Dean Eppler, September 10, 2008. PDF 2.6 Mb)

        Exploration and Station Emplacement  (Dr. Paul Spudis, September 24, 2008. PDF 7.8 Mb)

        Lunar Meteorites  (Dr. Kevin Righter, October 8, 2008.  PDF 9.3 Mb)



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