The Klaus Heiss Files

Dr. Klaus P. Heiss


Documents on Lunar Return and Settlement

Final Report to NASA Office of Space Flight - The document that started the Vision for Space Exploration, November 2003 (PDF; 8 Mb)


Columbia: A Permanent Lunar Base  -  Report to the Office of Space Operations, December, 2003 (PDF; 5.5 Mb)


Tapping the Wealth of the Moon - Jour. Social Political and Economic Studies, vol. 29, no. 1, Spring 2004, 3-64 (PDF; 4.7 Mb)


Getting Back to the Moon: An Equal Budget Alternative - Presentation to NASA Administrator, April 2006  (PDF; 840 Kb)


Private Property Rights and the Economic Exploration of the Moon - Rutgers Symposium on Lunar Settlements, June 2007 (PDF; 750 Kb)


Jamestown on the Moon - Report to the Space Colonization Technical Subcommittee, AIAA, January 2008  (PDF; 1.6 Mb)


Jamestown on the Moon - A slide version of report above  (PDF; 4.0 Mb)

Spudis Lunar Resources was created by renowned planetary geologist Paul D. Spudis (1952-2018) and is archived by the National Space Society with the kind permission of the Spudis family.

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