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        Graphic of the Clementine spacecraft (143 Kb)

                            Full Earth over north pole of the Moon from Clementine, 1994 (43 Kb)

           Map of albedo (reflectance) of Moon (336 Kb)


            Map of topography of Moon (307 Kb)


            Map of geology of Moon (2.2 Mb)


            Map of lunar basins (1 Mb)


            Map of iron content of Moon (933 Kb)


            Map of thorium content of Moon (818 Kb)


            Petrologic (rock type) map of Moon (click HERE for explanatory paper) (197 Kb)


                    Maps of poles of the Moon.  North (left) and South (right) (300 Kb)


            Maps of lighting conditions at poles from Clementine data (262 Kb)


                            Movie of south polar lighting from Kaguya laser altimetry  (Quicktime .mov format; 200 Kb)


            Map of a sample lunar polar outpost site, NASA 2006 (96 Kb)


            South pole lighting conditions from Clementine (67 Kb)


       Kaguya view of lunar south pole.  Sunlit points identified above are shown (90 Kb)


        Chemical composition of mare and highland soils (50 Kb)



  Mini-RF mosaics of the lunar poles (described HERE


Map of Cislunar Space


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Spudis Lunar Resources was created by renowned planetary geologist Paul D. Spudis (1952-2018) and is archived by the National Space Society with the kind permission of the Spudis family.font>

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