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Talk at Royal Astronomical Society meeting on Space Resources, London, April 5, 2016

2016 ASCE Columbia Medal award acceptance speech and talk, YouTube video (19 min.)

NASA SSERVI 2014 Shoemaker Award Lecture  video  slides

ISDC 2011 Space Pioneer Award Lecture  VIDEO

Using the Resources of the Moon to Create a Permanent Cislunar Space Faring System (Space 2011)

The Moon: Port of Entry to Cislunar Space, Space Power Theory, National Defense University, 2010 (PDF; 160 Kb)


Return to the Moon: What, Why, How and When, April 2010 (PDF; 5.8 Mb)


A New Light on the Moon (LPI Cosmic Explorations, April 2009 (PDF; 5.3 Mb)


India Aims for the Moon (Air and Space magazine; Oct. 2008 (PDF, 330 Kb)

Field Geology on the Moon (Geol. Society America Annual Meeting) (PDF; 2.8 Mb)


Presentation to NASA Lunar Science Conference, July 21, 2008 (PDF; 2 Mb)


Comparison of lunar orbital mission instruments and data 1994-2008 (PDF; 50 Kb)


Scientific Contributions of Lunar Robotic Precursor Missions, LEAG Meeting, Oct. 2007 (PDF; 2.5 Mb)


The Moon: Our Next Destination in Space, Presentation at NASA JSC, Sept. 2007 (PDF; 9 Mb)

The Strategic Context of the Moon (Cremins and Spudis,  Astropolitics, 2007)


Presentations to the Workshop on Science Associated with the Lunar Exploration Architecture, Feb. 2007


The Lunar Environment: Asset or Liability? Astrophysics from the Moon, Nov 2006 (PDF; 7 Mb)


Ice on the Moon, Space Review, Nov 6 2006


Presentation at Space Soon Conference, London UK Sept 2006 (PDF; 4.7 Mb)


Strategic Value of robotic polar exploration within a VSE Architectural Context (APL White paper, April, 2006)


Exploration and Science: The Role of the Moon, Feb. 2005 (PDF; 200 Kb)


The Moon and the New Presidential Space Vision - NIAC Annual Meeting, Seattle WA Oct 2004 (PDF; 2.7 Mb)

The Vision and the Mission, Apr 2004 (PDF; 300 Kb)

Clementine Ice on the Moon Press Conference, December 1996 (PDF; 180 kb)

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