Swirling Controversy

I have a new post at Air & Space on the mystery and problem of swirls on the lunar surface.  Readers are invited to comment on this topic here, if so inclined.

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One Response to Swirling Controversy

  1. billgamesh says:

    Often in science, it’s not the lack of data that holds us back—sometimes it’s a paucity of imagination.

    Since science is mostly numbers and not creatively based, it is not surprising there is a scarcity of this ingredient. It is an interesting argument when the very few people who had powerful imaginations combined with mathematical genius like Einstein are considered. That someone could understand a concept like time dilation by way of thought experiments (such as the famous train Gedankenexperiment) and also give mathematical proofs may point to the missing ingredient needed for solving most of the problems of the human condition.

    Other than that I don’t have much to say about the swirls except I would love to make some near-topic comments and read comments about how to get some geologists on site. Just how long they would be able to stay onsite due to radiation is yet another more fascinating topic in my view..

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