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Mining the Moon, Fueling the Future

Some thoughts on the meaning of “mining” in the context of lunar return over at the other blog at Air & Space magazine.  Comment here if you want.

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A Decade of the Vision for Space Exploration: An Alternative Retrospective

Note:  The following is a fictional (as reading the last sentence will clearly indicate) but completely plausible account from a historical counterfactual perspective.  Happy New Year! Reflecting on the last decade of U.S. space accomplishment, it is apparent that the … Continue reading

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American Exceptionalism and Space Exploration

Why is the term, “American exceptionalism” so readily and predictably panned by writers and commentators, as well as in comments that follow those articles?  Do those who condemn and ridicule its use understand the concept and origin of that term?  … Continue reading

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A New Site to Explore on the Moon

I have some thoughts on the landing site and mission of the Chang’E 3 spacecraft and rover up at the Air & Space site.  Comment on this here if so inclined.

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