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What Do We Really “Need” From Space?

Because crepehanger thinking keeps cropping up – influencing mainstream writers and our national discourse, I want to share and comment on the Smithsonian Magazine’s latest Off the Road – The Travel Adventures of a Nomad on the Cheap post by … Continue reading

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Direction for Space Needed

A recently released report by a committee of the National Research Council (NRC) has examined the current activities and future strategic direction of the U.S. civil space program.  The report concluded that NASA’s space program doesn’t have a direction and … Continue reading

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Space: To Settle or to Sail?

Those of us in the space business have been looking for an “airtight” rationale that justifies human spaceflight.  Many different reasons and justifications have been advanced, all refutable to a greater or lesser extent by skeptics.  Using the settlement of … Continue reading

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